Advisory Services available at Al-Ihsan Marriage

1) Personal advice
2) Family advice
3) Social advice

Personal Advice:

Meetings can be arranged to help individuals discover their inner-selves. This will focus on understanding the function and connection between the inner dimensions of human life. It includes development of the 'Aql' (Intellect), the 'Qalb' (Heart), the 'Rooh' (Spirit) and the 'Nafs' (Soul). Advice pertaining to marriage can also be sought.

Family Advice:

This focuses on the issues related to maintaining a peaceful family life. It helps the individual to develop a strong relationship with their spouse and other members of the family. Moreover, it discusses issues raising children islamically.

Social Advice:

This focuses on nurturing outward behaviour and governing oneself for society. This includes anger management, learning about others’ rights etc.

Process of Seeking the Aforementioned Advice Services:

  • We offer general and customised training.

  • To book your place or to request for customised training, please call at 02076503026 or 07950952553.

  • Applicable training fees may be charges but sometimes we provide free training based on individual circumstances.

  • Training is conducted by a qualified and professional trainer.

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