Training and Development Services Available at the Al-Ihsan Marriage Service:

1) Marriage preparation course
2) Marriage the Islamic way
3) Rights and responsibilities
4) Parenting

Marriage preparation course:

This course will explore the characteristics of a pious spouse, how and where to look for a compatible spouse, how to look into and handle a suitable proposal. The course will also look into how to conduct marriages smoothly and cost effectively, along with handling cultural and religious issues appropriately within marriage and the family life context.

Marriage the Islamic way:

This course will focus on core objectives of marriage, role of spouses, core values of family life and how to maintain a lasting relationship.

Rights and responsibilities:

This course explores the rights and responsibilities of husbands and wives within their family life. Moreover, it also focuses on the causes of family conflicts and instability and resolving these issues as per Islamic guidelines for family happiness and stability.


This course explores the concept of Islamic parenting and how to acquire parenting skills along so as to raise children in the best possible manner. The course also enables parents to instil maturity, a sense of responsibility and leadership within children so that our children become the comfort of our eyes.

Process of Seeking the Aforementioned Advice Services:

  • We offer general and customised training.

  • To book your place or to request for customised training, please call at 02076503026 or 07950952553.

  • Applicable training fees may be charges but sometimes we provide free training based on individual circumstances.

  • Training is conducted by a qualified and professional trainer.

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