Who Are We and what is Our Aim?

Al-Ihsan Marriage Service is a project supported by the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre. It aims to assist people in finding their right spouse. In addition, we hope to provide religious and social training for those who are seeking to get married and those who are already married, so that we can consolidate our family life according to the teachings of Islam. We are aware that finding the right match can be a psychological and physical challenge. However, we hope that you will trust us to help you overcome any obstacles in your pursuit of happiness.

What do we do?


Matrimonial service
Matchmaking service
Aqd- Marriage Ceremony
Nikkah certificate


Social advice
Family advice
Personal advice
Ruqayah advice


Religious and social training
Marriage the Islamic way
Rights and responsibilities
  • You can join by selecting your preferred plan which can be found on the pricing page along with a filled in registration form. This will ensure your membership for up to 12- 18 months; forms can be sent online or given by hand during our office hours. Please note that the stated registration fees may change over time.
  • The registration fee can be paid in cash/ cheque for office submission or online. In the case of cheque payment, please make the cheque payable to ‘Al Ihsan Marriage Services Ltd’ and write the applicant’s name and address on the back of the cheque.
  • A profile picture is to be uploaded online or a soft copy may be handed into the office. (Please note that your picture and postal address is not viewable to anyone without your consent)
  • Your form will be processed within 3 working days and your details will be included onto our database.
  • You can view the basic information of our active members, via our ‘member search ‘, once you login.
  • The database is available on our website and registered members can access it by logging into their accounts.
  • No names or contact details are given on the members’ list, and members are identified by a unique identification number.
  • Applicants can ‘show interest’ for another member who will then be alerted of this. If the other member feels that there is a level of compatibility they can click “accept”. Once a person clicks “accept”, their contact details will be passed on to the member who showed interest.
  • Further progression depends on the interested parties and additional support from the office is always available.
  • The duration of one’s membership varies between 12-18 months depending on the selected plan. Searching can be continued as long as the membership status is active.
  • After your membership expires it can be renewed with registration fees; otherwise the membership will become inactive and cancelled automatically.

Since its inception in 2006, Al-Ihsan Marriage and Family Advice Service has seen over thousands of people come through its doors. There have been many successful finds and we are being inundated by families and individuals to assist them on their happy journeys. We have been successful in our endeavours by helping a significant number of applicants achieve their dreams through Allah’s mercy.

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